63% of Women would have an AFFAIR if they thought they would never get caught

What would you do if you were caught cheating?

Join relationships expert Georgina Anderson (Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy) and writer/
producer Claire J Harris for an exclusive screening of the award-winning Aussie film Zelos – playing for one night only in Ballarat.

After the film, the audience will be invited to participate in an open discussion of women’s
infidelity and sexuality. Screenings have sold out in Sydney, so book now to avoid
disappointment. A can’t-miss event for anyone who has ever cheated, been cheated on, or
thought about cheating!


Bernard is the thirty-something he always planned to be. He has a successful career, a
meticulously neat beachside apartment and a hairstyle with just the right amount of gel. He
adores his girlfriend Sarah who’s about to move in when she returns from overseas. But Bernard’s
pristine existence is turned upside down when Sarah confesses her holiday romance. To salvage
the relationship, Sarah insists they equal the playing field: Bernard should sleep with another

A man who would never cheat is asked by the woman he loves to have sex with someone else to
save their relationship — a compromise which may ultimately destroy them, as love becomes
corroded by jealousy.


44% of Australian’s admit to cheating in a relationship


About Georgina Anderson

Georgina has practiced as a child & family psychotherapist for the last 20 years. Georgina has
practiced privately for almost a decade with the establishment of Hope Counselling &
Psychotherapy. Working with all types of relationships from a bonding and attachment
perspective across the lifespan, Georgina has a wealth of knowledge and experience in
relationship repair and enhancement. Georgina’s current focus is on providing relationship,
personal and professional development modules and Certification Courses in NLP – Time Line
Therapy(R) & Hypno-Health. Georgina is coupling her training platform with her new Private –
Relaxing – Holistic venue in Mount Helen Victoria. NLP – Time Line Therapy (R) – Hypno-Health,
it’s simply more advanced!


About Claire Harris

Claire Harris is a writer of fiction and screenplays, who has spent the last decade travelling,
working and writing around the world. Her short stories, travel writing and creative non-fiction
have been published in Australia, the US and the UK.
Claire is a graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School, and has worked in
television and news production in New York.

Claire has received specialised training and mentorship through workshops and private producing
consultations with Andrena Finlay whose credits include: Goddess, Blessed, Razzle Dazzle,
Thunderstruck, After the Rain.


Babyhood: What is Attachment? – by Georgina Anderson.

Becoming a new mum brings in the birth of a new relationship… 

A relationship of caregiving your precious baby. This very process of caregiving becomes a strong foundation in the attachment experience with your baby.

So what is Attachment – and why is it important in the early years of babyhood?

Attachment has been described by well known practitioners such as Dr. John Bowlby and psychologist Mary Ainsworth as the emotional tie between mother and child; The affectional tie and bond a person forms to another specific one and the lasting psychological connectedness between them. Read more


Where Magic Happens

What’s wrong? Those two words for starters (sometimes the question ‘What’s wrong?’ is quite appropriate, but often that question can put a negative slant on communication and simply mean… ‘tell me what’s wrong so I can tell you how to fix it’ Read more


What kind of parent do you want to be? – by Fraser Mackay

I was facilitating a parenting forum with a group of men the other day in Ballarat—who perhaps like many of us, sometimes struggle with being a good parent—during the course of the session I put out a few questions:

What kind of parent do you want to be? Read more


How to help your baby feel secure

As we discussed in my last article, secure attachment enables your baby to grow learn and thrive in every area of their life including close relationships.  So let’s focus on how you can enable your baby to develop this “secure attachment”.

Dr John Bowlby was asked by the World Health Organization to define what facilitates healthy, resilient children who thrive in all areas of their lives.  He surveyed top professionals worldwide, across a range of health disciplines, and came up with this statement: “A first three years of unbroken mutually enjoyable relationship with the primary attachment figure”. Read more