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PERSONAL & Professional development – CLINICAL EDITION

Be the Authentic U – Reach Your Goals – Live Your Dream
Would you like the upskilling to transform your own life and that of your clients?

Learn directly from successful wife, mother, psychotherapist, coach and trainer Georgina Anderson, techniques such as how to let go of the negative feelings, limiting beliefs & decisions that hold you back from reaching your full potential and much more.

What would it be like to know how to get rid of internal conflict to become whole, integrated, secure and energized? What would it be like to see clients free from depression, anxiety, PTSD and free from the negative cycling from one failed relationship to the next? Want to help clients reach their full potential and go on to live fabulous lives where they achieve their goals consistently? Is it possible to Live the Dream?

I can tell you from my personal and professional experience that Yes, these things certainly are possible. Some call it Magic, some call it Miracle, I call it Transformation”. In my own training, our small group called ‘The Transformers’ fondly voted me ‘The Love Transformer’! Well I take that and choose to believe it with my whole self, because if I do its likely to come true and I am in the business of facilitating transformation, so people can live full, healthy and loving lives.

In the courses you will learn how to transform the way you love yourself, the people in your life and how to design fabulous, achievable goals… love your life and ‘Live your Dream’!

Vignette 1 Sherie: Sherie attended for a career coaching package. It was evident right from the start Sherie was incredibly competent at her work and passionate about it. Sherie in many respects was a successful career woman who had a wonderful reputation and respect in her field. The professional part of Sherie was intelligent, capable and sought after for her expertise. What a great combination for success!

Financially, no matter how hard she seemed to work or how diligent she was with managing her financial commitments, Sherie was always just making ends meet. Through property and other transactions, misfortune seemed to befall her. Repeatedly, Sherie ended up with losses. This cycle in her life had left her feeling like a failure financially and deep down she was ashamed that she hadn’t managed to achieve a level of financial security that would put in in good stead for her retirement. There were lots of negative emotions and limiting decisions Sherie was carrying around with her, they were like a self-fulfilling prophecy of never having enough, always living on the edge of lack. The private part of Sherie was highly vulnerable. What a conflict!

Because of the coaching and training Sherie undertook the next part of her story is the kind of testament you would hear on a “Tony Robbins You Tube”. Sherie ventured out to explore new avenues of interest and made some impressive changes in her life. Sherie’s personality traits, exuberance and confidence exhibited at work permeated through into her entire personal life. People wanted to know what she had done to be loving life so much. And…I can’t wait to tell you this next bit. Three months before Sherie completed the first level of her PPD course she made another property transaction. There were a few risks to say the least and she spent the last of her resources doing some structural repairs. Another six months later, just after completion of the repairs (that is a nine-month window in total) Sherie’s property valuation cleaned up a tidy $200,000 clear profit – Wow oh Wow! What a result!
I will be coaching Sherie throughout 2018 so I will be able to add to the story of her progress.

Every time I think of this a surge of energy just builds up in me till my palms are pulsating and I can’t stop smiling. If you are reading this and you feel the energy at the other end or even if you don’t but maybe secretly you would like to – sign up for one of our PPD’s where I will be putting in lots of clinical detail about the therapy and the techniques that Sherie implemented into her life to achieve such great results in such a short time.


Until next time,
Be Well, Take Action & Live Your Dream

Georgina Anderson
Master Psychotherapist
Professional Master Life Coach & Trainer

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