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Georgina Anderson

Child & Family Psychotherapist,
NLP Trainer & Coach – Registered Time Line Therapy ® Therapist

Attachment Analyst & Trauma Treatment Specialist

Qualifications and Associations
1. Master’s Degree Psychotherapy & Counselling (University of Ballarat.)
2. Certified Adult Attachment Analyst (University of California at Berkeley.)
3. Diploma Counselling & Family Therapy (Australian Institute of Family Therapy)
4. Certificate Christian Counselling & Family Therapy (Australian Institute of Family Counselling Limited YWAM)
6. Clinical member Psychotherapists & Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) Registration No. 21636
8. Level 2 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Australian Childhood Foundation)
9. Accredited Practitioner “Richards Process” Treatment of Trauma and Loss
10. Certified Coach & Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Modern Hypnosis (American Board of NLP & American Board of Hypnosis)
11. Master Practitioner “Time Line Therapy ®” (Tad James Co)
12. Trainer Care Force Life Keys Programs
14. Founder Rahab Ministry Victoria
13. Member Parliamentary Abolitionist Strategy Group in Victoria (CSE) Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Georgina is a Counsellor & Psychotherapist who has worked with children, adolescents, families and couples for many years. In Georgina’s Counselling and Psychotherapy practice she works with a range of emotional, adjustment and relationship issues. Please see Counselling Page for more details. Traditionally, Georgina’s approach has been safe, non-judgmental and holistic, looking at the whole person within the whole relationship system. Georgina’s work has included attachment based assessments for children and court reports for children and their families. Georgina has also provided Professional Development and Clinical Supervision. See CV for full details.

Georgina Anderson is a qualified Counsellor and Family Therapist (Australian Institute of Family Therapy) and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Ballarat University). Georgina has studied at the Adult Attachment Institute of California and currently holds full reliability accreditation in Adult Attachment from the University of California at Berkeley. Georgina has written a Master’s Degree Thesis on the development and preliminary trial of an attachment based assessment and psychotherapy for parent or caregiver-child dyads with a history of trauma, maladjustment and/or maltreatment.

Georgina is trained in and implements sensorimotor psychotherapy with children and adults bringing developments in neuroscience research into her psychotherapy practice. Georgina is also an accredited practitioner in the “Richards Process” Treatment of Trauma and Loss.

Georgina worked for Child and Family Services Ballarat for four years, (1) providing assessment and therapeutic interventions for at risk families involved with Child Protection and for a further three years (2) providing a range of counselling and therapeutic interventions for children, adults, couples and families. In addition, Georgina’s work included specialist attachment assessments and therapeutic service in the case of trauma and maladjustment, at times followed by written report and court appearance on behalf of the best interests of the child concerned.
Georgina worked for Berry Street Victoria Take Two as therapeutic specialist consultant and senior clinician to a pilot therapeutic care program in the Grampians region for 16 months. As therapeutic specialist Georgina provided; (1) enhanced therapeutic and consultative services to children, carers and families; and (2) secondary consultation concerning the psychological and emotional needs of clients

Georgina was employed with Child & Family Services Ballarat as Senior Coordinator of the Early Childhood Development Pilot in Greater Grampians for two years. Georgina’s role in this pilot focused on two key objectives. (1) Systemic improvement for vulnerable children (0-5 years) through developing and enhancing partnerships between Family Support Services and universal and secondary early years’ services. (2) Service enhancements for vulnerable children (0-5 years) through developing and facilitating targeted capacity building professional developments to enhance family services and early years’ practitioner skills in assessing, planning and responding to early childhood developmental needs.

Georgina has provided Relationships Australia Ballarat with assessments and psychotherapy for children, parents and families, in particular those involved in the Family Court and/or those who have

experienced significant estrangement, attachment disruption and trauma for three years.

Georgina further provided Relationships Australia Ballarat with trauma therapy in three phases (1) stabilization, (2) processing (3) integration in accordance with ASCA guidelines, for clients of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse.

As a private practitioner Georgina has established Hope Counselling & Psychotherapy Clinic where her work includes assessments and therapeutic interventions, research, training, supervision and consultation. Georgina has specialist qualifications, training and experience in Family Attachment Therapy (FAT) seeing whole families, family sub-groups, parent-child dyads and in particular individual (FAT) therapy with children and young people. Further, Georgina is now providing specialist assessments followed by a course of therapy known as Corrective Therapeutic Contact (CTC) based on (FAT) concepts where parents for varying reasons have been (1) estranged from their infant or child and (2) contact with their infant or child has become distressing or unmanageable for the infant or child with a view to providing therapeutic repair to such relationships where at all possible and providing outcome opinions and recommendations to assist and guide decision making in the best interests of the infant or child. Georgina has provided (1) intensive training to community service workers through the University of Ballarat in the area of children, young people and trauma (2) research assistance by way of adult attachment interview coding for the University of Ballarat in a normative mother-infant study (3) professional development workshops to community agencies in understanding attachment, trauma and its impact throughout lifespan and working with vulnerability.

Georgina has also provided the Melton Shire Maternal & Child Health Team (15 nurses) with group supervision over a two year period during a time of organisational change and restructure when they were transferring from a Health Model to an Education Model.

Georgina’s private practice provides a range of therapeutic services:

Life Coaching utilizes techniques from Clinical counselling & psychotherapy, relaxation & visualization, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Clinical hypnosis. A powerful therapeutic blend to address issues such as:
Developing emotional regulation sessions
Counselling or Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples or Families
Child play Therapy
Children & Family Court
Children & Children’s Court
Trauma Recovery for Children, Adolescents or Adults
Grief and Loss
Depression and Anxiety
Self-harm and Aggression
Extreme Behaviours
Child-parent Psychotherapy (infants, children, adolescents)
Family therapy, Marriage Therapy, Couples Therapy
Bonding and Attachment Therapy for Relationships Throughout Life
Group Therapy
Treatment for PTSD, Depression & Anxiety
Clinical Supervision
Professional Consultations

Georgina’s mission work includes specialist consultancy in relationship restoration and outreach to children, young people and adults impacted or oppressed by traumatic life experiences including Human Trafficking. Georgina is a member of the Parliamentary Abolitionist Strategy Group in Victoria.
Georgina Anderson is also a live organ donor (registration forms for organ transplant can be accessed on the following link)

Georgina’s current practice focusses on the ongoing development of Hope & Beyond Training Institute.

Georgina is a qualified and certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer, Coach and Master Practitioner. This qualification includes Modern Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® where Georgina is registered with the American Board of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy ®.

Hope & Beyond Training Institute provides NLP Coaching Packages and a range of Seminars, Training Modules and Certification Courses.

Professional Development
May 2002 Lifeline Suicide Prevention Workshop
March 2004 Protective Behaviours Training Workshop
April 2004 No to violence Workshop
June 2004 Annual Alcohol & Other Drug Conference
August 2004 Foundation Course in Child & Family Development – Ruth Neven
August 2004 Complex Trauma: New developments in the treatment of Personality and Stress Disorders, Attachment Disturbance and Relational Dysfunction – Associate Professor John Briere.
November 2004 Take Two – Nicole Milburn: The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Development.
November 2004 Relationships, Attachment and the Brain – Ruth Neven: Centre for Child & Family Development.
February 2005 trauma Workshop with Michael White addressing the consequences of trauma: a Narrative Perspective.
April 2005 Working with Children with Attachment Trauma Difficulties – Laurel Downey – Training Manager with Take Two – Berry Street
April 2005 Understanding Attachment Trauma – Jenn McIntosh – Family Transitions.
June 2005 Weaving Hearts, Merging Minds & Changing Brains – the Interpersonal Neurobiology of Psychotherapy.
October/Nov2005 Understanding Attachment Trauma: A Reflective Practice Program – Jenn McIntosh, Family Transitions
Feb/Mar 2007 Adult Attachment Interview Training. Attachment Institute, San Diego, Ca.
Mar 07 to Mar 09 Reliability accreditation for AAI coding – Berkeley University, California.
January 2009 Sanctuary Training – A trauma sensitive model of organizational change.
November 2009 Discussing Clinical Supervision – the bouverie clinic
November 2010 David Wallan – Integrating attachment with neuroscience, relational psychoanalysis, mindfulness and a focus on the body.
November 2013 Advanced trauma training – ASCA
December 2013 Level 1 Training Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – Training in somatic psychology Australian Childhood Foundation and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute
February 2015 Richards Process – Hypnosis that works – Trauma Recovery/Treatment for PTSD
February 2017 Certificate Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy & Modern Hypnosis
August 2017 Master Practitioner NLP, Time Line Therapy ® & Modern Hypnosis
October 2017 Trainer NLP, Time Line Therapy ® & Modern Hypnosis.

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