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Let me ask you a question – what is holding YOU back?  About ten years ago now, I took up the role of providing Clinical Supervision to a group of some thirty or so Health Care Workers.  For about twelve months I would fly to Sydney each fortnight, for the day, run three two-hour supervision groups and fly home again.

The organization was in the middle of a huge jump.  They were transitioning from a medical model to an educational model of service provision.  The organization achieved their goal however, they failed to take a good 75% of their valuable staff with them.  Most of the staff were highly skilled and experienced professionals who had been in the field for twenty or more years, dedicated to their profession.

I really felt for their struggle.  Many felt worried and vulnerable about re training and starting a new career at that point in their life.  Also, they were grieving the loss of being able to care for their patients according to their ethics, desire and what they saw as the best interests of the patients.  They felt conflicted, torn and stuck.  They felt de valued and powerless in a system that had been their livelihood for most of their career.  They were casualties of the organizational progress.  They got left behind.

When I think about this dilemma through the eyes of Neuro Linguistics many wanted to take a great leap of faith either with the organization into that future or out of the organization to work privately for themselves whether that included upskilling or retraining.  They genuinely wanted to progress to a higher level.  However, they did not have the neurology to support their desires and goals.  Its like trying to pour one litre of water into a half litre container.  The container cannot hold that much water, not unless it grows and expands to meet the capacity.

Also, many of these professionals were conflicted inside with what I call the head heart dilemma.  One part of me wants this and another part of me wants that.  Being torn like this is so debilitating because it keeps you stuck in two minds – on one hand its like this… on the other hand it’s like that… it’s exhausting!  In NLP we use a technique called Part’s Integration.  It is a linguistic technique to integrate the two parts relieving the conflict in the mind, the neurology of the client.  It provides the release of a lot of energy to be free to flow through the central nervous system easily.  It feels congruent, you know congruent, when you know your own mind, make the appropriate decisions and get great results.  I am telling you from my own experience it’s a great feeling to function congruently, so empowering!

Time Line Therapy ® born out of NLP gives us further insight into the problem.  The apprehensions, vulnerabilities and fears expressed by the professionals throughout their attempts to navigate this new playing field and new ground for themselves identifies several salient factors:

  • Multiple Negative Emotions from past experiences that were holding them back. It is like those negative emotions were holding all this energy captive, so it couldn’t be utilized by the individual to move them forward to develop new things cognitively, emotionally and in fact, physiologically.
  • Multiple Limiting Beliefs the individual held about themselves often at an unconscious level like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not capable enough or smart enough” or “I just don’t have the energy to put into something new, I’m exhausted”.
  • Multiple Limiting Decisions the individual had made at different points in the past, again often completely out of their everyday awareness. Things like “nothing ever works out for me” or “I can’t make a lot of money” or “I’m never going to get what I really want” or “l am just not going to try anymore, it is too hard”.

It is a real problem when you have all these negative emotions bound up with limiting beliefs or decisions especially at the unconscious level.  If you don’t know a lot about the unconscious, don’t worry, I will be writing an article specifically about it.  In the meantime, I can tell you this.  Your unconscious is the driver. I mean it really is the driver!!  Many think they are consciously deciding and driving their work, finances, career or relationships consciously, but the truth is, whatever you think, feel believe or decide at an unconscious level is exactly what you will get.  That’s why many are frustrated or disillusioned because they don’t achieve their goals or dreams in life and in love.  They don’t have the conscious/unconscious integration and congruency they need.

People don’t need to suffer with these things any longer because the truth is, NLP, Time Line Therapy ® and Hypno-Health can set you free!  Free to get integrated and congruent.  Free to quantum leap you into your designer future filled with the certainty of going to the next level and achieving your goals your full potential, your dreams.

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