Time Line Therapy® – The Foundation of Quantum Healing

Have you ever felt like a prisoner to your emotions? Is there a pattern of negative emotions that keeps recurring in your life? Have you felt that life seems to be against you or that things just don’t work out for you? Are past negative circumstances still impacting you today? Does the past colour your perspective of tomorrow with… shades of grey?

In my twenty years of experience, the authentic, original Time Line Therapy® born out of Neuro Linguistics is above and beyond any other therapy modality in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Mental Health and Allied fields of current practice.

Time Line Therapy ® is safe, fast and effective in providing deep and lasting changes. The process is content free which means that you do not need to tell your story or the difficulties repeatedly which can reinforce the problem. Time Line Therapy ®with its quantum characteristics transports you over and above the Time Line of your memory to easily and effortlessness gain new learnings and make sense of your life. From those learnings, over and above the holographic time line in which your brain stores your memories, the negative emotions connected to the memories disappear, just like that.

Time Line Therapy ® is a process that you do with the specialized guidance of the Therapist. This technique will allow you to easily and effortlessly let go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs or decisions that hold you back from being the real you and reaching your full potential. In the case of significant, powerful and overwhelming past experiences (known as trauma), Time Line Therapy ® is the most safe, eloquent and sophisticated technique for full recovery in current practice today.


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