Time Line Therapy® – Put the Colour Back into my Childhood

When I first experienced Time Line Therapy ® I was amazed and intrigued with the process. It seemed simple and it was simple, yet it also felt deeply profound. As I was imagining being over and above the time line of my memory system… floating back and forth… I chose to suspend all my self-talk and just let it happen (as per the instructions).

To my surprise, events in my childhood history popped into my awareness… just like that! Now in retrospect, the events I became aware of were not the ones I would have chosen with my self-talk. It was only then, I realized those problems were there, on those events. From up above, on my time line I could see those events from a different perspective. Certain understandings became glaringly apparent. Positive things, about me, the little girl and the circumstances. Things I could not see back then but I could see now. These “Learnings” from “above” my time line, changed everything…just like that!

Going through Time Line Therapy® was a deeply enriching. Afterwards, I felt different, lighter in my body and refreshed in my mind. I had more energy in the days that followed. Over time, I noticed that I was thinking differently and responding to stressors differently, positively. I kept noticing the shifts in my thoughts and in my behaviours with genuine appreciation…I wanted to hold on to my positive changes.

As part of my studies, I needed to write five short stories about my childhood. Stories to emphasize something positive. Well, I thought, this is going to be impossible because all I have previously remembered were shades of grey. Small as they were, still permeated my whole childhood experience. How was I going to write positive stories when all I could remember were the difficult bits that had coloured my whole childhood? I could not remember ever feeling great in my childhood. I knew that I must have felt that way, but I could not actually remember it. So how was I going to write good things…maybe I could put a good spin on all the sad stuff and the bad stuff? I thought to myself.

What happened next…took me to a whole new level…!

I picked up the pen and started writing. The writing just flowed as the memories flooded my mind, beautiful memories of the happiness and the love and the security of my family and of my thrill and enjoyment about being alive and feeling the sun warm my body and my soul. How could this be? Story after story, memory after memory of lovely happiness. For the first time ever, I had these memories and feelings that warmed me to the core of my being. Could this be true, I asked? Yes, it certainly was true. The process of Time Line Therapy ® where I let go of all the sadness and all the hurt and all the anger and all the guilt attached to all the memories in the past allowed me to experience the wonderful and good and happy moments. I look back now… and I know the difficulties happened, but they are factual, just facts, no emotions attached anymore.

The grey cloud over my whole childhood experience has lifted and it has profoundly changed me. I don’t feel emotionally handicapped anymore…soldiering on! Now, I have an energy and vitality that I didn’t think was possible. The depression has gone and I’m free to be me.

Time Line Therapy® put the colour back into my childhood and the rest of my life says, “Thank you”.


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